National Guild of Hypnotists Consulting Hypnotist Certification

100 hours

Join a global community of over 12,000 professionals dedicated to empowering the lives of themselves and others. Learn invaluable skills that will enable you and your clients to tap into unlimited potential for success in all areas of life such as health, wealth, personal empowerment, and skill enhancement. Read more about this class.



4 hours

Are you living the life you have already dreamed of? Are you fulfilling your soul’s purpose? Do you long for something more, but not quite sure what that could be?  Do you feel disconnected, unfulfilled, searching for that “something” that would make your life complete? Do you feel as though your life has a higher purpose than the one you are living right now?

Imagine entering into a state of grace, a state of divine perfection, a state of bliss.


Guided Meditation and Spiritual Development

1 ½ hours Suggested Donation 10.00

Want to reduce stress in your life, enhance your health, feel empowered, or develop your spiritual gifts? Join us each week as we explore the unlimited possibilities available to us when we master the technique of letting go and tap into your own inner wisdom. With this unique meditation technique, experience for yourself your magnificence as you connect directly with the creator of all that is and manifest all that your soul desires.


It’s All About the B

2 ½ hours Suggested Donation: 25.00

We live our lives at point A trying to get to point B; so in reality it’s all about the B! Do you have a clearly defined vision of what you want to achieve in all areas of your life? Want to attract your B partner, achieve your B health and fitness goals, or are you stuck in an A job and want to pursue your B career? Learn how to create a life “game plan” to achieve and fully live the life you have already dreamed of.


Kick Butts! Stop Smoking Now!

2 hours Suggested Donation 25.00

Do not live your life as just another statistic! Kick the habit for good! During this workshop we will explore the complexities of your addiction to nicotine.

Through Life Coaching identify the self limiting beliefs that keep you “hooked” on destructive behaviors. Hypnosis will eliminate the cravings and desires that have taken control of your life.


Self Hypnosis: The Mental Dance of Trance

2 hours Suggested Donation 25.00

Master the powers of your mind and seize control of your life. If you’ve been struggling to modify deeply ingrained habits, or reach any difficult-to-achieve goal, willpower alone may not do the trick. The secret to success lies deeply buried in the unconscious. Learn the power of Self Hypnosis! Make a commitment to yourself to change, get motivated, and re-program your life for success.


Spoonbending: Personal Power, Personal Empowerment

3 hours Suggested Donation 25.00 Spoons provided

Step outside of your box and metaphorically transform your perceived limitations into your own personal power. Learn to channel kinetic energy to change the molecular structure of metal, bend and manipulate spoons. You will leave with a keen understanding of how to manifest change in your life. If you can bend metal, you can achieve anything!! Through Brenda’s progressive relaxation technique, you will learn how to clear your mind, channel your own energy and discover your soul’s magnificence! Discover the difference between knowing and experiencing your greatness. Brenda’s sense of humor and sensitivity guarantee this experience will be fun and richly rewarding.

The Essential Life: Aromatherapy and the Power of Grace

Special Guest: Laurie Azzarella

3 hours Suggested Donation 45.00

Laurie Azzarella explains the connection between the olfactory and limbic systems of the body and how therapeutic grade essential oils can accelerate the recognition, release and repair of the mind, body and spirit. Essential oil blends specifically created to promote your inner exploration will be available for you to sample during this workshop.

Learn how to add Essential Oils to your meditative practice. Choose your own signature aromatherapy to use during Brenda Q. Bischoff’s guided meditation. Learn to channel grace through a unique relaxation technique, and experience your personal journey into healing and higher awareness through your own life assessment


The Language of Love

2 ½ Hours Suggested Donation: 25.00

Are you tired of dating the “same” person over and over again? Do you struggle trying to maintain positive relationships with your family and friends? Are your personal relationships just not working? Based on the work of Gary Chapman, author of “The Five Love Languages”, this workshop will help you identify and learn to speak the Five Languages of Love as you participate in a group “love” coaching session and work through the emotional blocks that prevent you from experiencing healthy relationships in all areas of your life. Thru hypnosis, you will release the blocks that have kept you stuck in the wrong relationships and have prevented you from living the life your heart and soul desires.


The Power of Grace

2 Hours Suggested Donation: 25.00

With this unique trance healing method you will experience within the simultaneous existence of humanity and divinity through the power of Grace. Learn to become a channel for Grace, and be able to manifest miraculously in all areas of your life. During a serious health crisis in 2003, this technique was shown to Brenda during her meditative practice. Through complete surrender and the power of Grace, she was able to heal herself completely.


Tick Tock, Turn Back the Clock!

Special Guest: Dr. Bonnie McLean

3 hours Suggested Donation 45.00

Unique anti-aging workshop with Life Coaching, Hypnosis and a special presentation by Dr. Bonnie McLean.

Is it possible to turn back the clock and reverse the aging process? Does stress, behaviors and beliefs systems effect your age? Absolutely! Explore your beliefs about aging, and experience the power of hypnosis to change your belief systems and reverse the aging process.

Bonnie McLean, Doctor of Oriental Medicine and Acupuncture physician, will share ancient and contemporary methods of rejuvenation and longevity from the East and West. The Chinese Taoists were experts in the use of acupuncture, Chinese herbs, diet, and qi gong for longevity. The Holistic Health Movement gives us ways to stay healthy and young through diet, supplements, movement, and positive thinking and imagery.


Weight No More!

2 ½ hours Suggested Donation 25.00

Have you struggled with losing weight, or achieving your fitness goals? Do your self-limiting beliefs limit your life? Come and experience for yourself what it feels like to be fit for life. Join me for a group Life Coaching and Hypnosis session on how to achieve your wellness goals. The time is now…wait/weight no more! Through Life Coaching and Hypnosis, we will re-write your wellness story. See and experience yourself in a new light!


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