Patti J. wrote:


Not once in my life have I truly known the difference between will and ego… until today. With that fresh inner awareness, this has been the most positive, uplifting, and powerful day of my life. The confusion I have felt on multiple dimensions for oh-so-long is completely gone. I have you to thank for this gift of freedom. Today I actually experienced passion again, and know what it is. I have you to thank for this gift of life.

For the first time, I don’t feel responsible for everyone and every event/situation. I know where I “end” and “begin”. That isn’t ego, and I know the difference, steadily and assuredly. I have you to thank for this gift of showing me the way when I was lost.

Patti J

Keri wrote:


I have known Brenda Bischoff for over five years. As a Membership Services representative at Ever’man Natural Foods Cooperative, I have worked with many different speakers in our community and Brenda is one of the most professional, knowledgeable speakers to work with. Every time Brenda speaks here at the store, her classes are full and the attendees always have positive feedback about their experience in the classroom session. On a professional level, Brenda is a joy to work and I will always recommend her services.

Keri L

Chris wrote:


I had a wonderful experience working with Brenda Bischoff. I found Brenda to be professional and excited about helping others find their perfect balance in life. While working with Brenda I was able to find resolution on some things, and her insight helped me to have more clarity and understanding. I think Brenda is just the person that can help you find direction and the fulfillment that you’re seeking in your life, and I highly recommend her to everyone.

Thank you Brenda.

Chris M

Leslie wrote:


I accepted a friend’s invitation, not really knowing what I was going to, but trusting that it would be worthwhile. I am delighted to have come away with a revelation that has stayed with me for the two weeks since the workshop. I am wonderfully made. I am fine as I am. With my higher power, I can do all things. These were not new concepts for me; but somehow, I seem to accept myself better than I used to. I also learned a new relaxation and meditation technique that has been working very well for me.

The whole workshop was great!

Thank you Brenda.
You are a wonderful gift.


Andrew wrote:


The two hours I spent in a recent workshop with Brenda Bischoff were two hours well spent, indeed. Ms. Bischoff did an outstanding job of pulling together thoughts and ideas I have been studying for several months pertaining to self-improvement, self-awareness, and the Law of Attraction. Often, we need someone of keen insight to take the pieces of what can appear to be a divergent and complex puzzle and create for us a coherent, understandable “picture” that sparks our understanding. Ms. Bischoff is this person, and I was deeply appreciative of her compassion and the personal connections she sought to make during her workshop..

Thank you,.


Norma wrote:


I so enjoy being with someone who openly lives with one foot on the
spiritual plane and one foot on this world’s plane. After surrendering so
many of my “gut truths” becarse there was no validation for them and I was
not strong enought to stand up for them, it is wonderful to see you living
them and validating them by your presence and lifestyle. Amazing, how all
thse things I “just knew’ are now the open topic of discussion and how
charismatic are those who exhibit them.

Thank you also for sharing your connection to spirit so freely and
generously. It is a pleasure to be in the warm glow of your love and
acceptance not only for me, but for others. I think love is the ultimate
law of attraction.


Pamela wrote:

“Brenda’s coaching helps me identify and release previously unknown barriers that are getting in the way of my personal and professional growth. Brenda’s spirit filled, creative and resourceful approach transforms and expands my perspective of what is possible and makes me realize not only can I focus my energy to bend spoons and bend a fork into a knot, I can change!

I’d highly recommend Brenda as a coach for anyone ready to accelerate toward their goals. She will call forth your wisdom and greatness to manifest your dreams! I would recommend Brenda as a coach to anyone who really wants to get out of their own way and reach their goals elegantly and playfully!

Pamela B.

Bridgette wrote:

Since I’ve been going to meditation with Brenda I feel such a sense of calm and awareness. I truly enjoy the classes every week. Each week Brenda takes us on a new endevor and takes us to new heights!! Forever enlighten us!! Thank you so much for your time and energy!!

B Blessed and have a wonderful week,

Bridgette C.